Lumiere H4 LED Headlights


Lumiere H4 LED Headlights


Headlight lighting is probably the most important part of your vehicle, so choosing the correct LED headlight is just as important. Our Lumiere LED headlights are designed for maximum output, accurate lighting, efficient cooling and all in a compact design. Our LED headlights will significantly improve the lighting output of your headlights so you can clearly see ahead.

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In an industry where LED headlight bulbs are constantly being pushed with marketing tactics to target the uninformed consumer, it’s becoming more difficult for you to decide what is the right bulb to get and the more importantly, do they actually work for road use? The industry has come a long way since originally pushing LED headlight bulbs that just pump light out without any focus and our Lumiere H4 LED Headlights are designed with one purpose and that is to suitably upgrade your existing halogen lighting to high performance LED headlight bulbs.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: In the box you get 2x Lumiere H4 LED Headlight Bulbs.

OUTPUT: Our design process is what sets apart the Lumiere H4 LED Headlight Bulbs to the majority of poor performing LED headlights on the market. The most critical part of the bulb is the position of the LED diodes as this is the source point of the light and to function correctly needs to mimic the original position of the halogen bulb. By using LatticeBright HML3 LED diodes in a position that is as close as possible to the halogen bulbs original point of light we can match the pattern and focus of the original bulbs, this creates a clean light cutoff and powerful light source.

COOLING: Our Lumiere LED headlights are very bright but to perform at their peak they require an adequate heat management system. With our cooling solution the heat is drawn away from the LED diodes and through to the compact aluminium heatsink at the base. Along with the inbuilt high performance mag-lev fan, heat is quickly dissipated with maximum efficiency. This cooling system had to also be designed in the most compact way possible which allows our bulbs to fit in almost all applications.

COMPATIBILITY: With its small, compact size the Lumiere H4 LED Headlights will fit almost any H4 application. Our LED headlight bulbs also have an LED driver that is compatible with 99.9% of CANBUS systems and prevent error warnings or flickering.

WHY LED HEADLIGHTS: The main reason for upgrading to Lumiere LED Headlights is usually to give a modern clean white appearance compared to the dull yellowish halogen bulbs. Lumiere LED headlights will also increase visibility while driving so you can clearly see road signs, lane markings and anything else on the road.

OUR GUARANTEE: We are so confident with our H4 LED Headlight Bulbs that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance of our LED headlights simply get in contact with us and return the bulbs for a full refund. Also our 2-year no fuss warranty will be there to cover any issues you might have with the bulbs in the future.

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