Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights


Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights


Our Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights enable you to get a clearer view of the driving environment, increasing your safety and peace of mind. Our small and compact design with no moving parts means they are easy to install and last a long time while emitting a beautiful bright white color.

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Many H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights on the market have large heatsinks and fans meaning they are bulky, don’t always fit your vehicle and have moving parts that could fail. They can also come with additional wiring to make installation more complicated. LED Fog Light bulbs don’t need all these complications, you just want something that works out of the box, performs amazingly and is easy to install. When it’s difficult to see the road on foggy and stormy nights, relying on your vehicles headlights may not be enough. The solution is to have high performing LED fog lights to give you a clearer view of the driving environment, increasing your safety and peace of mind.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: In the box you get 2x Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Light Bulbs.

H16 vs H16(JP): There is some confusion about 5202, H16 and PSX24W socket types. H16 is used to two types of bulbs, Japan uses an H11 type bulbs using a lower power level and Europe uses the newer tab-lock style which is refereed to as 5202. For more info see this post.

DESIGN: Our Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights have been designed with those issues in mind. Our fog light bulbs are ultra compact, require no inbuilt fans and have no additional wiring. Simply take out of the box, connect our LED bulb and that’s it! LED Fog Lights will give you greater visibility during bad weather and also allow other motorists to see you better. Our Lumiere LED Fog Lights are more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and will last much longer. For their small size our LED Fog Light bulbs are insanely powerful, providing a clean, crisp 6500k white color.

APPLICATION: It’s important to have good quality fog lights as the vehicle’s headlights may reflect fog and decrease visibility. Using our bulbs will allow you to better see lane markings, traffic signs and other motorists. Although our Lumiere H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights are intended to be used in poor weather conditions, many customers install also install them because it upgrades the look of their vehicles.

OUR GUARANTEE: We are so confident you will be satisfied with our Lumiere LED Fog Light Bulbs that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance of our LED fog light bulbs, simply get in contact with us and return the bulbs for a full refund. Also our 2-year no fuss warranty will be there to cover any issues you might have with the bulbs in the future.

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