Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicators


Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicators

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Designed to make the installation process easier, the Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicator Bulbs are 100% CANBUS compatible and require no LED relays or in-line resistors. Along with 30 pieces of powerful Epistar 3030 diodes to produce an intense amber color, your vehicle will have a clean modern look.

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Our Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicator Bulbs have been designed from the ground up to eliminate the common problems faced with regular LED indicator bulbs. These bulbs are a direct Plug-n-Play installation and 100% CANBUS compatible meaning no additional wiring, LED relays or in-line resistors are required. With a solid construction and intense vibrant color, the Lumiere LED Indicators bulbs are the perfect lighting upgrade for your vehicle.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: In the box you get 2x Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicator Bulbs.

DESIGN: Our Lumiere S25 BA15S 1156 LED Indicator Bulbs are built in a precision aluminium body to help cool the bulb and give it a striking appearance. The powerful 30pcs of 3030 Epistar diodes produce an intense amber color that halogen bulbs cannot match.

NO RELAYS REQUIRED: The biggest feature with our Lumiere LED Indicators is the built in CANBUS compatibility. No longer do you have to worry about installing in-line resistors or a LED relay to correct the hyper-flashing caused by installing LED indicators in your vehicle, so this will save you time and money. If your not sure what hyper flashing is, here is a quick explanation. Hyper flashing is your cars warning system to tell you there is an issue with a bulb, it warns you by making the indicators flash at a quicker pace than normal. LED indicators can cause this issue because of the lower power draw from the LED bulbs and therefore the car thinks a bulb has blown. Normally an in-line resistor or a LED relay can be installed and then your indicators will blink as they normally would but with our Lumiere LED Indicator bulbs the resistor is built right into the bulb and corrects the CANBUS warning.

APPLICATION: Changing to LED indicators is a common modification because LEDs give a much cleaner appearance. Halogen bulbs take a moment to warm up as its heating a filament to create the light whereas LEDs turn on and off instantly. That instant on & off with the LED is what gives it such a cleaner and more responsive appearance. Also for a halogen bulb to have a different color such as an amber color for indicator lighting, the bulb is coated or the lens in the housing is an amber color so your not truly getting an amber color, it’s more like a white that is projected through an amber filter but LED bulbs will give a much more vibrant color since it doesn’t need to filter the light the same way a halogen bulb does.

OUR GUARANTEE: We are so confident you will be satisfied with our Lumiere LED Indicator Bulbs that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance of our LED indicator bulbs, simply get in contact with us and return the bulbs for a full refund. Also our 2-year no fuss warranty will be there to cover any issues you might have with the bulbs in the future.

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