• LED Headlights

    LED Headlights (4)

    Welcome to the future of headlight bulbs! LED technology has come a long way over the years making LED headlights a serious consideration. With perfect color, high lumen output and compact size, the Lumiere LED headlight range will surely satisfy you need for reliable headlight lighting.
  • LED Fog Lights

    LED Fog Lights (7)

    On those cold and foggy nights you need something that will cut through the haze not only for your safety but others on the road too. Our Lumiere LED Fog Lights will sear away the mist and light up your path.
  • LED Indicator Bulbs

    LED Indicator Bulbs (4)

    Our Lumiere LED indicator bulbs have been designed from the ground up for ease of installation, durability and performance. Built in CANBUS compatibility means no LED relays or additional wiring is required for installation while the Epistar 3030 LED diodes provide a startlingly bright and crisp color.
  • LED Reverse Bulbs

    LED Reverse Bulbs (6)

    Reverse lighting is important, you need to see what's behind you and often times the stock lighting just doesn't cut it. Introducing our Lumiere LED Reverse Bulbs. Solid construction quality and most importantly, astonishingly bright!
  • LED Interior/Exterior Bulbs

    LED Interior/Exterior Bulbs (8)

    Interior & Exterior LED lighting comes in an overwhelming amount of socket types and options so where do you start? Right here! Our Interior & Exterior LED range covers all of the usual lighting components of your vehicle such as license plates, map lights, vanity mirrors and door lighting.
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